OPML Tags on WordPress

It would appear that there are not many people in the OPML game at wordpress.com or they don't post anything to do with OPML to the category/tag OPML.

When you look at http://wordpress.com/tag/opml/ there are three of us, Kosso, Almost A Blog and Myself. Of course Dave is there with the Scripting News WordPress blog, though even he only has one post tagged OPML and a few other blogs have an OPML tag such as Scobleizer from over a month ago. There are a couple of other blogs that mention OPML though they don't seem to use OPML or the OPML Editor. I am definitely not saying that the OPML Editor is going to be everyone's cup of tea as the blogging tool of choice when posting to Wordpress. I am getting at the fact that I thought that there were more of us in this space than there actually is. I thought Tom had a WordPress blog, maybe not.