Barack Obama Inauguration

I thought I would write a quick link happy post regarding Barack Obama’s Inauguration as the 44th President of United States.

The main event locally here in Australia kick’s of around 3:30am EDT with all but SBS covering the event live. ABC1 3:25am – 5:00am, CH7 3:00am – 6:00am, CH9 10:55pm – 5:30am, CH10 1:30am – 6:00am and SBS will have a special report at 12:30pm.

The US media links ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, PBS, C-Span, Wall Street Journal, New York Times & Washington Post wrap up the main links I want to get started with on mainstream media as such.

What the above websites will stream I have no idea so here are a few more that I know will be streaming live video:- Presidential Inaugural Committee , Joost, uStream & Current.

You should be able to find some YouTube here & here and a bit of Flickr here, here and the Flickr Group Inauguration 2009.

Aside from most likely being tuned into ABC1 on the ‘box’ here at this odd hour of 3:30am in the morning the remainder of my multitasking efforts will revolve around Twitter and finding great people to follow the conversation with. I will kick it off with Andy Carvin who is the Social Media Guy for NPR and the NPR team have done some great work making websites and the tools for NPR to give it’s all on this momentous day in history.

To simply track what is going on over at Twitter without worrying exactly what Twitter is and or can do simply use the search engine and with these ‘tags’:- #inaug09, Obama, Inauguration & #Current and you should come upon some great links and conversations from people all over the world who are watching any of the above links live talking about the event.

CNN who I left off the above list are also going down a slightly different track and have teamed up with Facebook for Live and have also teamed up with the Microsoft Photosynth to Capture The Moment of Oath of Office.

You can find me here on Twitter or Facebook if you are hooked into one of these sites and just add me and I will see you a bit later.


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OPML Tags on WordPress

It would appear that there are not many people in the OPML game at or they don't post anything to do with OPML to the category/tag OPML.

When you look at there are three of us, Kosso, Almost A Blog and Myself. Of course Dave is there with the Scripting News WordPress blog, though even he only has one post tagged OPML and a few other blogs have an OPML tag such as Scobleizer from over a month ago. There are a couple of other blogs that mention OPML though they don't seem to use OPML or the OPML Editor. I am definitely not saying that the OPML Editor is going to be everyone's cup of tea as the blogging tool of choice when posting to Wordpress. I am getting at the fact that I thought that there were more of us in this space than there actually is. I thought Tom had a WordPress blog, maybe not.