Technet bloggers love Virtual Server 2005 R2

Whilst browsing my RSS reader I noticed some odd behaviour, the number of new Technet posts was close to the number of MSDN posts. Usually MSDN posts are well above Technet posts in quantity. It turns out that the Technet bloggers are most definitely in love with the Virtual Server 2005 R2 and the news that it is now available for free.

With 20 posts today about this specific topic from the Technet bloggers and a small handful from the MSDN bloggers, you can easily see the differnce between Technet & MSDN bloggers at Microsoft if you didn't know the differnce already.(Architecture vs Development).

As per this previous post you can read more about Virtual Server 2005 R2 here, view Microsoft Presspass here and download or order it from here.

The blogs on technet that are talking about it are…