Telstra sets ULL charge

Telstra have proposed the price for competitors to use the Unbundled Local Loop Service (ULLS). It is a national average price of $30 which gives the opportunity for providers to offer full services to customer’s premises down the copper. You can see the Whirlpool article and follow the discussion. It would appear that the competitors won’t be too happy with this from the article as that means that Telstra will have regional areas subsidised via the metropolitan users. Telstra are the ones who have to service the bush and look after it under the existing contract they have with the government. I don’t see this as too bad for subscribers, though it will probably take a bit longer to get cheaper broadband but at the same time it can bring the rest of the country up on broadband for a the equivalent price of metro users. The hard part for regional customers though no doubt will be the choice of provider as they will need to put DSLAM’s into the regional exchanges and the cost for these and maintenance will be costly for any new players.