Performance analysis of OpenOffice and MS Office

Geourge Ou has done a little performance test on Microsoft Office 2003 vs Open Office 2.0

And I must say I was very surprised at the results. I did not think that OO would be this far below in the results department when I first clicked the link to see what was said about it.

As pointed out though 10 times is 10 times and that is quite amazing.

A couple of comments from the post:-

It seems that if you want power and performance, take the Office route and pay, but for cheap and cheerful(ly slow), OpenOffice is the winner.

The test results point out the folly of relying on benchmarks that measure performance outside the norm. If the difference between one program’s save and another program’s save is the blink of an eye, there is no difference.

And as a follow up over at Get Off Microsoft it is pointed out that Open Office is built for comfort and not speed.

As is rightly pointed out that this comparison is only applicable to Microsoft XP users and does not count in the Mac or *nix users.