Will my next PC be a Mac

I am having to actually think about the decision of if my next PC will be a Mac. As Chris points out in his Top 10 reasons your next PC will be a Mac (Only 5 actually, though there really is no need to go past the first one. It will dual boot Windows Vista and Mac OS X. You won’t be able to do this on a regular PC. Apple have locked down the OS with TPM so OS X can only be installed on Apple hardware, there is no such locking for Vista at present to prevent this. I have for a long time now liked the design and simplicity of the Apple designed product offerings as they are aesthetically pleasing that is for sure. As for taking the plunge into a world of Mac or a world of hurt, I think the former will be true and it is time I had a go and see if my skills have got any better since I last configured an iBook in Japanese for some friends staying with me.