The BBC opening up its entire written archives to the Internet. The BBC blog network, that is 'citizen journalism' at its finest.

What blog software would they use? An OPML Outliner? WordPress? In-House most likely !

I hope our ABC is listening

BBC unveils radical revamp of website

The BBC today unveiled radical plans to rebuild its website around user-generated content, including blogs and home videos, with the aim of creating a public service version of

Ashley Highfield, the BBC director of new media and technology, also announced proposals to put the corporation's entire programme catalogue online for the first time from tomorrow in written archive form, as an "experimental prototype", and re-brand MyBBCPlayer as BBC iPlayer.

He said the philosophy of "share" would be at the heart of what he dubbed 2.0.

Discount stores score Telstra shares for $2

"The Howard Government has been forced to revise its plan for the sale for the remaining portion of Telstra after its share price plummeted in the wake of a profit downgrade. The Government will now dump them in discount stores for only $2 per share, well below the $7.50 price of the T2 float, in the hope that impoverished trinket purchasers will snap up the shares that sensible investors won’t touch."

You can catch The Chaser on ABC TV each Friday Night or watch The Chaser's War on Everything Online.

via. ZDNet Australia