Cheeseburgers still in beta

Just the other day I ordered cheeseburger and the person serving me my lunch asked me if I knew that Google had invented the idea of cheesy meat between two slices of bread three years ago… and it’s been in beta ever since. 🙂

That little beauty comes from the Microsoft Mail blog in regard to Google launching their mail service where users can have their own domain suffix utilising the popular GMail service. Microsoft have offered this service since mid-November 2005 with the service allowing users to do the exact same thing with the Hotmail e-mail service.

What is the difference you may ask, Gmail let you use whatever mail client you want, Microsoft still ties you to the web interface which is simply horrible to use when compared with Outlook or the GMail web interface. Gmail will let you have multiple e-mail addresses and pop3, Microsoft will not allow either unless you get a MSN premium subscription service.

If Microsoft is to compete with Google in this space they need to offer some serious features that gives users some power in a mail interface. I even registered a new domain name just for the sole purpose of using the Microsoft service and now I don’t use it because it is a pain to use. Come on Microsoft anti up and get competitive.

Update: Oh Google give you 2Gb for your mailbox and Microsoft give me 2Mb.

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