Lucky coComment invite

After literally tripping over this at Scobleizer I saw that Robert was talking about coComment which is a way of tracking your comments that you post on the blogs around the blogosphere. It sounded like a good idea, so over to coComment I went and had a bit of a look around. I clicked on ‘people’ and saw that NicolasD was rather large in the tag cloud there and thought that would be a good example to choose being one of the largest names in the cloud. I saw that NicolasD had a few conversations he had commented on and one was Scobleizer so I clicked that and saw that he had commented on Scobleizer with a list of some invite ID’s for Scoble’s readers, I refreshed the Scobleizer and now saw a list of keys. Cut and Paste and a form later I was in.

Currently it is all over Memeorandum, Techcrunch have comments saying ‘I’m using coComment now’ and a post from Mike asks for an invite if anyone has one. Invites appear harder to find than truth in any Google rumours of late.

Reading memeorandum I stumbled into Solutionwatch’s comments about coComment and at the bottom there is a greasemonkey script to eliminate the need for the coComment Bookmarklet (Or at least no need to click it now before hitting submit for the comment you are about to post).

As for coComment being in a private beta, Robert kind of shot this to shreds with his brief post about it. This indeed really didn’t need much explaining and the viral effect of such a post is most definatly at work, largely because the product makes sense and simple works.

If you comment on blogs then try and get yourself a coComment invite.

A great job has been done by the coComment team and thanks Robert and NicolasD.

Author: netweb

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