Techcrunch and the Meebo chat room

Having subscribed a month or so ago to the Techcrunch comments feed it has been an interesting conversation following Mike’s original Meebo review. Mike has had to close down the comments page of that post as there are so many people using it just like an internet chat room asking others ‘How can I get to that site as my school has blocked it?’

I have been reading those comments for curiosity as it shows just how resourceful some will go to try and find a way to get access to the instant messaging sites to chat with friends whilst at school. People are even posting comments with the ubiquitous swearing and shorthand IM text and even some dropping in their e-mail address for others to add them to their own IM contacts list.

So my little reason for this post is to see what happens in the event of the trackback I will add to this post which may or may not get added to Mike’s original post and if the conversation now moves from Techcrunch to here as comments are still open here on my site.

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