Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta Sign Up Page

Seeing as though one of my posts for invites to the indows Live Messenger beta has been getting quite a few hits of late I thought I should put this out for you. Click HERE to join up in the program.

The WLM team have started there new Bug Bash series with the first on Shared folders. Sadly it is not par of the Australian beta for legal reasons. With prizes for the best bug submissions if you are part of the beta get into it. So at the moment we cannot use the shared folders even though I have the entire shared folder features as part of my operating system. I just cannot use it in messenger, some serious localisation needs to be done on this. I am still uncomfortable having a 8 Gigabyte refernce file on my hard drive (Even though the file is not physically 8gb in size).
I am now wondering if I should report my ‘super bug’ now or wait for the next bug bash and get one of the prizes. It has nothing to do with shared folders.
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