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Going back to my old days of Novell which is where I got started in the server field doing my CNE at Swinburne University. I thought it was time to bring up a Netware server and drop WordPress on to it. If your an old user of Netware then jump over get yourself an evaluation copy of Netware 6.5.

Once I start installing it in a few days i’ll post my progress and let you know what my thoughts of it are these days.

Author: netweb

#bbPress core committer, contributor & moderator, #WordPress, and #BuddyPress Build Tools component maintainer. You can find me on WordPress Slack as @netweb, Twitter as @netweb, GitHub as @ntwb.

One thought on “Novell WordPress Blog”

  1. Do people still BUY Novell? I remember the Pain and Agony of installing Netware to this day. The only NOS that was worse was Banyan Vines! LOL!

    Please do tell what the installation is like after you are done!

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