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I came across this one from Slashdot and this Firefox Extension and IE Plug-in has some great potential. The only downside I see on this is that your browsing habits are recorded to the Siteadvisor site. As stated in the EULA they do not keep the IP address in the database and by all means they appear to be trustworthy. What I would love to see is this company become part of the Attention Trust network. Now the part that I see as an excellent opportunity is for Digg to become part of this. Move the Digg home page to an integrated part of an extension like this one. Link to a Digg discussion from within this extension. This type of extension could really change the way a search engine can work for you. You could search for the term ‘Free Downloads’ and be returned with search results that are the most popular according to Digg and know that they are a safe site. You would have in the pop-ups including the current options as well as how many positive and negative Digg’s.

I think Digg should purchase Siteadvisor or Siteadvisor should purchase Digg and one of these two options should happen as soon as possible. Then again why not have Yahoo purchase both companies. I think it is time to see what the Digg readers have posted about this one now…

Update: Just been at Digg and there are 3 stories on this one. Digg Siteadvisor search link
1st has 5 Digg’s and 1 comment
2nd has 11 Digg’s and 1 comment
3rd has 12 Digg’s and no comments

If Kevin Rose had seen this one I would think he may of wanted to Digg that Siteadvisor and Digg would jump an extremely big jump in what they are doing on the web.

ps. I am available for any neat job offers on this one…..

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