one thousand tags dot com

With the hype of new web sites and technologies a select few have come up with some ideas that are making some quick cash. First there was the Million Dollar Home Page and now we have the 1000tags. The first site sold one million pixels at one dollar per pixel and were for sale in blocks of 10×10. This site generated enough buzz that it actually sold the entire one million. The new entry into this blatent grab at cash from company’s willing to just hand it out for traffic driven to the site is another simple concept, this time using ‘tags’. They are selling only 1000 tags and each tag can be up to twenty characters in length with a font size up to 35. Either way you look at it or judge any of these projects they are making money and quickly. You may ask why am I contributing to this. I want a free tag and want to get the traffic to my site just to see how well it works and what I may do to grab some cheap and easy cash myself. At the time of writing this post they had 23 tags on the site. Update: What is even crazier is the fact that the Million Dollar site is auctioning of the last one thousand pixels at e-bay, currently with 7 hours to go and current price is 140 grand

Author: netweb

#bbPress core committer, contributor & moderator, #WordPress, and #BuddyPress Build Tools component maintainer. You can find me on WordPress Slack as @netweb, Twitter as @netweb, GitHub as @ntwb.

One thought on “one thousand tags dot com”

  1. Update: So my shameless ‘netweb’ tag has been added to the 1000tags site. So if this model ever really takes of I will be there 🙂 If not another site link never hurt.

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