Lego Mindstorms NXT

Lego which has to be my favourite thing growing up announced the nxt version of their Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics kit at a dinner at CES last night. It won’t be available until August of this year which is fine by me as that happens to be the month of my birthday so that will suit me just fine. Lego has to be one of the best educational processes I had growing up. I could build practically anything with my LEGO Technics pieces. Interestingly earlier this year I read an interview with Adam Savage from Mythbusters and he was asked his favourite toy growing up and it was Lego. He also thought that is the best toy gadget to get for your kids and keep buying it until they are old enough to have a mobile phone and a boyfriend or girlfriend. I have to agree with him there. I helped my Dad around 8 weeks ago build a fold up trailer for towing his boat in the Australian Outback. We used the LEGO to workshop some of the folding mechanics before we started cutting and welding the steel for the real thing.

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