Outlook 2003 Search Folders

Have you tried using the Outlook 2003 Search folders? This works for most RSS software integrations into Outlook 2003 including Newsgator , Attensa and RSSPopper.

Right click the ‘Search Folders’ item in the folder list and create a ‘New Search Folder’.


Select ‘Create a custom Search Folder’ and select the ‘Choose’ button.


Give it a Name ‘Touched by Scoble’ select the ‘Criteria’ button.


In the Search for words box enter ‘scoble’ and have it search in the ‘Frequently used fields’.


We are now done. Click OK a few times to create the search and you should end up with a view similar to this.


You can add to the ‘Criteria’ using the ‘More Choices’ tab to select more options such as ‘Unread’ or ‘Flagged’ messages. You can also select the folders you want by clicking the ‘Browse’ button for what to include. A combination of all of these gives you search folders that are displaying what you decide as you should read and what to save for later when you have time. In my search folder called ‘Distractions’ is where I have the posts from Digg, Slashdot and a few others that would ‘distract’ me from my real work.

After you have created the search you can right click it and ‘Add to Favourite Folders’ to have it appear at the top of your Outlook reading list.

Author: netweb

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