I just want to listen to the music

I had actually been considering spending up big and getting myself a MP3 player with 128meg on it just as a quick way to grab the podcast I was listening to before jumping in the car. Now I will not as it is a waste of money. 

It does not matter what the budget I had for a device $50 or $500, legally I cannot copy the Norah Jones (EMI) media disc into MP3 format. The disc and license do not allow for this. The copy protection used stops me from using standard desktop tools within a Microsoft Windows environment. I would need to download some software to rip the music illegally to be able to listen where I chose.

“Microsoft DRM, Apple iTunes DRM, Sony ATRAC, Copy-Control, or the wide range of variances out in the market including recent public enemies XCP and MediaMax technologies provided on some SonyBMG media discs. Each of these has a license fee payable for every disc made and every device that can support it. None of this benefits the artist or the consumer.? 

“By purchasing music today, we are supporting the growth of this ideology and after some once said, “Build it and they will come?. They are building it and we are following like sheep, both the artist and the consumer.? 

“Freedom of speech and ‘Police States’ are long stones to throw in this day and age. Are we actually agreeing with the corporations that anything that is recorded will have a license fee associated with our choice of listening device or location?? 

“My car stereo has more trademark logo’s on the front panel than there are Dolby signatures… This is not, nor ever will be ‘k3WL’?
“The only winners here are the big corporations who have been given a free ticket to create a new monopoly? 

“The artist’ return from the studio diminishes as they are now having to pay the license fee’s associated with producing a media disc with these licenses? 

“We are following these organisations like sheep and increasing the cost to artists and ourselves as consumers while we line the pockets of copyright holders even deeper.? 

“If I chose to have my device only with some or all of these ‘features’, the product unit price will go though the roof with no consumer or artist benefit.? 

“The cost to the consumer will also rise as these costs are always passed on to the consumer? 

“If I want to listen to it on my ‘Hi-Fi’ in my living room I will be fine, as soon as I leave this room it is useless? 

“May I please purchase a device to let me hear stuff while I travel? ‘Yes, I would like a EMI, Microsoft & iTunes license for that as I want to listen to Norah Jones’? 

“This media player powered by… ‘Insert your 24 logo’s here’? 

“This media disc is only supported on devices that carry the ‘OUR COMPANY’ logo. In order to listen to the content contained please go to our website and choose another ‘pair of ears’ license? 

“The artists I have spoke with on this all agree that I should not have to purchase the music with 5 licenses? 

“If there are going to be ‘royalty fee’s’, I want these to go to the artist and not to the corporation’s? 

“Geo-Location music listening, tracking how fast you drive whilst listening and driving ‘The Dirty Boulevard’? 

“Will we see the time when you need to subscribe to a DRM license to be able to listen to any of the ‘Top 10’ music titles this week?? 

“I will continue to purchase my music directly from the artist, in the best format they choose for my listening pleasure that I am able to support.? 

“The best music I have in my collection is not from ‘studio’ albums, it is from ‘live’ recordings. This is still second best when compared to seeing an artist ‘live’ on stage. Nine times out of ten, this disc will be from within the band on sale from their internet site or at their ‘gigs’. The artist really gets this kind of money. I want to be stimulated by the artist and their performance.?

All I want to be able to do is legally listen to ‘Norah Jones’ when I want, now that I purchased a license to listen. Not to manage a collection of licenses that a fake id creator would envy. The only benefit is to the shareholders who owns each of these licenses.

Author: netweb

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