Longhorn Server and Exchange 12

Now that Microsoft have finished beta testing the R2 release for Windows 2003 Server SP1 and the Virtual Server R2 programs. I find some extra time on my hands. After the R2 server beta close and the survey filled out, I had another survey available to me asking me some mystery questions about what I may have available for beta testing on. So I listed the machines that I have available for testing on. I am still using R2 as my desktop operating system at the moment and it rus very nicely with these additions. But now I find I am not bug hunting anything and would love to know what the survey was for. I hope it is a dual subscription for the ‘Longhorn Server’ program with a ‘Exchange 12’ thrown in on top. I enjoy using the Outlook and Exchange environments and have done since Microsoft Mail through Exchange 4, floppy disk site connectors, Exchange 5.5 Standard and Enterprise. Exchange 2000 was good Exchange 2003 getting better. Exchange 2003 SP2 doing very well. Exchange 12 now that will get me excited as I start reading some Exchange blogs now such as ‘You Had Me At EHLO…’ and ‘Eileen Brown’s WebLog’ I am just getting my appetite and would like to take a big bite soon. As for the ‘Longhorn Server’ I hope that this will impress me.
I just received an e-mail from the Microsoft Hosting Solutions team for a seminar on Exchane Hosting with none in Melbourne, not that they would get the serious numbers here. I have also eagerly been awaiting the next version of the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 3.5 which has arrived so I best get along and see what we have here.

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