Airbus A380 vs McDonnel Douglas F/A-18

I do not follow the aviation industry with any great frequency, I do open my eyes and ears when I do. We had the first part of a ‘Special Documentary on the Airbus A380’ here broadcast on the Channel 7 network last Saturday.

I sat down with a beer and watched as the facts were spewed out on this double decker, four-engined plane  with a take-off maximum weight of 590,000 kg. It is an impressive site to see. Watching the landing gear test and the exploding blade in the engine were not bad viewing. The interior could be as flash as you liked, though most of them will have comfortable economy seats as they had the ability to build in design and not make square seats afterwards. They had a very cool piece of vision of a plane landing just on one wheel so to speak on a runway in Hong Kong, amazing cross-winds and approach and actually makes this stick with a successful landing.

Why I find this cool is if you compare the McDonnel Douglas F/A-18 Hornet with the Airbus A380 it is hard to make a comparison.

The only one I can make with some accuracy is that it is pretty cool to sit in the cockpit of a F/A-18 and start her up.

Here is a cluster of pic’s at

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