CD Audio Standards

As you can see in the previous post, this is what the real cause here is. I have no issues with any company such as Sony wanting to have DRM on their products. I thoroughly support it. In this case the methods that were used to implement this were just going too far. It is a matter of how and the way computers work at this current point of time in history. If this is the only way they can come up with to stop this, then they simply have no other option to not do it. The other way is for them to have an audio format option that does not adhere to the ‘Red Book’ CD Audio standard. And release a propriety standard that does not include a computer compatible player or if it is available within the personal computer it should have a standard that includes the protection & security that they are looking for. The music industry is using the personal computer world to give greater benefits to the end-user of their product. They must however understand that the computer is before the music experience and they must layer what they wish to achieve on top of the computer layer. If they try to engineer the computer layer in the way that they have attempted here they will loose every time, as it will be deemed illegal by all forms of government. They are very welcome to have the ability to play the audio content they sell on behalf of the musicians, but they will not do it on the premise that they can lower the security level of a very powerful tool down to the level of a portable audio device.

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