Windows Live & Office Live

Microsoft have now launched three new websites.

Windows Live! which will become the default site for IE7 and will also be used for Windows Operating systems along with the XBox.

It is doing the same that Google are doing. A very small tight web page with a text entry box for your search. This gives you a very fast load page when you open your browser.

It will be supported by advertising and is not meant to kill of MSN Search but it is an integrated site of many of MS’s technologies. It is also extremely fast. Without accurate time tests it appears to be faster than MSN Search.

I have not played with many of the services they off yet but will be very interested in playing and creating some of my own custom gadgets and seeing what I can really do with the information “I Want” at “MY” fingertips.

Bill Gates has referred to the launch today as big as the ’95 and dotNET internet launches. Repeatadly referring to ‘Live Software’.

Here are some photo’s posted by Michael Arrington from techcrunch of the event.

A good summary is here from Michael Gartenberg.

And another here from Niall Kennedy.

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