DRM (Darn Rootkit Mungrel)

I just checked the new CD from Xavier Rudd that I purchased two days ago to ensure it was not Sony. As if that was the case I would have started the march back to the shop with it and let them know that I came here to purchase my favourite artist’s new CD ‘Food in the Belly’, I most certainly did not come in for the title ‘Rootkit Malware for PC’ title. ‘First4Internet’ really lives up to the company name. I would think that they are the first company to manufacture a rootkit/malware and distribute it with the backing of a global company such as Sony. The spin that will follow this in the near future will be very interesting. I cannot think of any term or spin that can be put on the fact you are trying to install a darn rootkit on my PC. It is far worse than anything that Napster or Kazza did online. At least with those we knew to run antivirus and other protection as the chance of getting infected by something there was very high. But to get it from Sony on a company issued and sanctioned CD is truly mind-boggling. I wonder if in the press release that Sony will be releasing soon that they will publicly recall the 1 million CD’s that have a rootkit on them and apologise to the music listeners of the world for trying to ‘Root’ them. Sony DRM (Darn Rootkit Mungrel) See sysinternals article here on just how bad this is. And CNets article regarding

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