Scobleizer and all things searchable

I propose a simple question regarding Robert Scoble’s post

Why if I search for “Robert” would I want yourself returnded at number one. I may want to find an answer regarding my mothers uncle Bob. Searching in my opionion will never be truly efficient or practical to have results come back to you in a single click. Why becasue in programming terms the search engine will have to “#include: myheadnamespace” into a complete search algoritm and that will never happen. We do not need or can ever get to the point where we have a search engine with 6 billion namespaces to do a search in….

It is and always will be impossible for a machine to understand the current mindset we are in when we are about to do a search on the internet (Or at least until someone can hook up a rs-232 connection to the brain!!!)


Author: netweb

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