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Chris Pirillo has launched his new search engine The difference between this search engine and others is that this is a mashup and thus it really only using the other search engines to perform the search. What makes this different though is you search for the metadata tag on the subject you are interested in. Your search results are returned to you from sources such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, WikiPedia, Feedster, Amazon A9, Digg, Technorati & Flickr. Currently he is searching across about 140 sources. You can either just open the link listed under each heading or you can click on the heading and then be subscribed to a RSS feed from that provider on the search you have performed.

If you have used Flickr or you will be familiar with "tags"

Some of the major advantages of this search is that you do get some very accurate results on what you are searching for and far less of the common junk results that you appear to get from a normal search. This is all due to the metadata tag based searching characteristics that have been implemented.

So why simply because it was one of the best available domains for use on T9 keypads 4232.3322 is quite easy for a mobile phone or similar keypad to enter quickly as a URL

It is also very friendly for users on slow speed internet connections and handheld devices such as mobile phones, PDA’s and PSP’s. You have two choices for inputting your search query. Firstly you can open the page and type your query into the search window and hit enter and you are away, or you can simply type your search as part of the URL. With the second option you do not have to wait for page loads as you get the results in your first URL entered.

So some examples of searching using the URL method at from Chris’s blog:-

Those are two different URLs, each with a different set of results. A dot between two keywords implies a quoted statement, whereas a dash implies the AND operator. has its own Firefox Search Plug-in and Konfabulator Widget.

Remember, we have all sorts of categories… showing results from ~140 different sources, not just the ones on the Default page. Linking to a category page is just as easy, too – just add the designated letter to the end of your URL):

We're also producing OPML automatically for you, which is a great way of organizing and transporting RSS feeds between applications. You can take the OPML URL and import it into your favourite news aggregator. You can generate the OPML from anywhere in All you do is add a "/opml" at the end of the URL (without quotes, of course). You can also limit the OPML file to a certain category. If you wanted to get the "Social" feeds in an OPML file, you would use the "o" slug in the URL. Long story short: you can use OPML to import a set of RSS feeds into your news aggregator:

Some points of extra interest are the many comments on Chris's Blog entry regarding the
1) WOW comments from some very influential
2) Be careful as spam advertising may creep in
3) The current speed of the service

The site has been published on many major blog sites and is currently having simply HUGE amounts of visitors so be patient with it.

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