Google & Sun – Alliance – ‘The World changes this week’

Google and Sun today unveiled their plans today..

Quote: Slashdot – The orginal Google and Sun blogs. [Oct 4, 2005] Google & Sun are to announce an Office Suite based on OpenOffice, and accesible via webbrowser, according to Jonathan Schwartz –President and COO of Sun Microsystems– (the original title of his post was “The World changes this week”).It’s probably the beginning of the WebOS, an Operating System based on the Web.

Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems Chairman and CEO and Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO discuss a new collaborative effort between the two companies.

The links Sun Announcment Press Release and the Webcast.

Quote: Sun Press Release
Under the agreement, Sun will include the Google Toolbar as an option in its consumer downloads of the Java Runtime Environment on In addition, the companies have agreed to explore opportunities to promote and enhance Sun technologies, like the Java Runtime Environment and the productivity suite available at

So what have we got today, has the world now changed. Not quite but it is on the way as far as Sun & Google are concerned. Today all we got was a great deal of spin put up by both companies to announce that Sun will include Google’s Toolbar as an option in its Java software download. It is no doubt that a strong relationship has been formed between both parties and will lead to some great things for the end user of PC’s and the Internet in the future.

I am a little cynical about the spin and hype that has gone on though to find that all comes down at the moment to Sun including Google Toolbar as an option in the software downoad. There is a VERY big future in this partnership though which will benfit most users as long as Google & Sun do not become evil.

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